Dear Pashmina-Lovers!

Arrival in Kathmandu (sept 2003)I confess: pashmina is my drug. I’m overjoyed the case is the same with you. My page has been already browsed by over 1,500,000 internet visitors, and their number is growing from day to day.
I have tried to collect all possible pashmina-related information on this site. It might satisfy your curiosity and will help you with the choice of color or quality.

If you still have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail ( or by phone +49 (0)69 405 624 80. Hope to hear from you!
Best regards, Tim

Pashmina Stolen 100% Kaschmir Classic
Sommer-Pashminas Pashmina Stolen 70% Kaschmir
Leopard Schals 70% Kaschmir
Pashminas handbestickt Pashmina-Babydecken
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